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Instrument Set-up,
Re-string and Repair Centre

Here at Strum & Bass, we offer servicing on acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, saxophones and clarinets and a variety of others, so please contact us.

Our most popular service is a basic guitar re-string which we can usually do the same day. We also provide guitar set-ups and minor repairs such as jack input sockets, nut and bridge saddle replacements and soldering.

Re-String Options

Restring Image

A simple restring is the cheapest way to make your instrument sound and feel better, but we can also provide the following extra services at a small additional cost:

  • Coated Strings: Instead of standard strings we will use Nanoweb coated strings which provide 3-5 times the tone life of normal strings and also a much better feel with reduced finger squeak.
  • Polish + Oiling: We will scrub, clean and polish your instrument to the best of our abilities and apply lemon oil to the fingerboard to clean and hydrate the wood.
  • Fret Polish: We will polish up old rusty frets so that they're shiny and sparkling like new.
  • Intonation Adjustment: We will check for good tuning when playing up the neck and adjust where neccessary.

Guitar Orphanage

Guitar Orphanage

We are a very caring bunch of people here at Strum & Bass. We never like to see a poor guitar, used & abused or neglected. So, us charitable lot, have set up the guitar orphanage!

Do you have a guitar at home that has been sentenced to a life of loneliness in the attic? A forgotten guitar underneath the bed? Well bring it in to Strum & Bass and get some money for it!

We welcome them with open arms, give them a health check and make them feel as good as new and ready for new owners!

Services We Offer

  • General Clean and polish
  • Intonation Checks
  • Action Adjustment
  • Single String Change
  • Full String Change
  • Strap Button/lock Fitting
  • Jack Input Replacement or Repair
  • Machine Head Repair/Replacement
  • Bridge Saddle Replacement
  • Nut Replacement

Lots of Pre-owned Instruments Now in Stock

Pre-owned guitars, keyboards, amps, pianos and accessories are now in stock. Some real bargains to be had!

See our Pre-owned Instruments section for more details.